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This is a simple tool to help solve the Sigil ARG puzzle. It's created and hosted by DukeBG.

• Left mouse button to move the map.
• Right mouse button to rotate it.
• Mouse wheel to zoom it (or use the slider).
• Move around the little grey dot to change the hinge point
Resize slider:

Use a self-generated soup

Current fitness:
part one 1347   part two 3247
We're trying to minimize the fitness.
Your best: main ; p1 ; p2
You can contact me on any questions in the Discord (DukeBG or dbgdbgdbg) or by email ( (Especially if you're the creator of the ARG and/or from Campo Santo)

Coordinates for the generated soup contributed by: Alv0iD, Blü, Glael, Gufferdk, iSpy, Nenkai, Randomiser and Sqbika. Every one of them actually did the full set, that allowed me to average the results and deal with inconsistencies.